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    Identification standard and production process of PP packing belt

    Release time: 2021-04-20 15:22:25    Clicks:74174

    Packing belt production line manufacturers use polypropylene through heating, melting, stretching and cooling to produce network structure packaging materials. The basic parameters affecting the quality of packing belt production line are tensile force, length, bending, elongation, etc. The longer the length, the lower the cost.

    There are the following standards to judge the quality of PP baler belt:

    1. PP baler with general white (other colors to bright) quality is better, because these are not easy to mix with old materials.

    2. Some baler belt outside is brand new material, the middle clip filling material (extremely poor), as long as cut open to see the section, you can see that the black core inside is poor quality.

    3. Baler belt to have gloss, such a baler belt is generally full material production. The tension is stable. If the baler is mixed with powder, the gloss will be greatly reduced.

    4. The width error of the baler belt is generally plus or minus 0.3mm. This kind of baler belt has uniform blanking and relatively uniform quality in production, so it will not be good or bad.

    5. Baler Belt should be good toughness, PP baler belt repeatedly fold, toughness is not good easy to break. Pattern problem, pattern must be beautiful, do not appear pressure bias.

    Production process of PP packing belt production line:

    PP packing belt production line production process: plastic particles melting --- pressing belt --- forming --- cooling --- winding --- packaging --- warehousing. PP packing belt production line is a network structure packing material produced by heating, melting, stretching and cooling. The basic parameters affecting the quality of the packing belt production line are tensile force, length, bending, elongation, etc. The longer the length, the lower the cost.


    The color problem of the belt of the baler, it's hard to say that the belt of the baler has different grades. Transparent packer belt is the best packer belt at present. The quality of baler belt completely depends on the purity of polypropylene. The higher the purity of polypropylene, the better the tension of baler belt.

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