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    How to calculate the price of PP packing belt is the most reasonable

    Release time: 2021-05-31 10:24:05    Clicks:24676

    How to calculate the most accurate PP packing belt? Today Pacific packing belt for each customer to explain how to correctly price packing belt?

    When many customers consult our Pacific packing belt, the first question is how much is your packing belt a roll? , although we should not only pay attention to the price of the packing belt when choosing the packing belt, but it is undeniable that the price is definitely an important factor to buy the packing belt. Now let's talk about how to calculate the price of the packing belt.


    General packing belt factory price calculation is the price of each roll is equal to the price per kilogram multiplied by the weight of each roll. But Pacific packaging belt that different manufacturers are equipped with different raw materials, the cost varies greatly, but the use of packing belt is the unit of length rather than weight. Therefore, when you choose the packing belt products, in addition to the length of the packing belt, the proportion of the packing belt, the performance of the packing belt and other environmental protection, and the price. Our Pacific packing tape has introduced a new pricing method of packing tape, the price of packing tape per roll is equal to the price per meter multiplied by the length of each roll.

    It's usually the length of the straps that we use, not the weight. The price of the packing belt is more reasonable in meters. Pacific packing belt to strive for every customer to save every penny, for greater profit.

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