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    How to store PP packing tape

    Release time: 2021-05-31 10:21:08    Clicks:23951

    PP packing belt how to store packing belt is the most commonly used packaging materials in industrial production, the vast majority of enterprises in order to produce the need to store spare packing belt. So we are in the storage of packaging belt is the most correct way, the following to Pacific packaging to explain to you:

    First of all: plastic packing belt should be stored in the warehouse, to prevent the sun, rain; Stop touching with acid, alkali and oil agent, adhere to clean and dry, distance from the equipment 1m, the room temperature between -15℃~40℃.
    Secondly: not the same type, not the same standard type, strength, the number of layers of plastic packaging belt connection (matching) together.

    Finally: the packing belt should be placed in rolls without folding. If the storage time is too long, it should be turned quarterly.

    Storage of Pacific bale is done as described above. Warehouse rigorous fireworks, packaging belt under the card board to prevent mildew, damp. Our company is to ensure that every product shipped to the customer company is intact, do the best supplier for customers.

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